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Virtual Reality Walkthrough for Assotech Heart Spaces

A. Who is the Client?

Assotech HeartSpace, Bhubaneswar, India

HeartSpace is a subsidiary of Assotech Group, which is one of the leading Real Estate Companies of India. HeartSpace was conceptualised to make the process of Real Estate handover simpler. HeartSpace team strives to provide Turn Key – Bundled Packages for residents moving into their new apartments while saving them time, money and increasing convinience.

Their Bundledd Packages include – Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe, Closets, Electronic Apparels and everything that apartment owners had to previously worry about.

B. What were the Client's Requirements (Problem Statement)?

  1. HeartSpace is providing Turn Key – Bundled Packages for Fully Furnishing newly handover Apartments. Bundled Packages may include Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe, Closets, Electronic Apparels, etc and there are different Tiers of Bundled Packages as per Customer Budgets.
  2. Each Bundled Package may contain multiple products, each with multiple color/material options and premium add on components. Further there is a Dedicated Package for each Apartment Floor Plan example 3 BHK, 2.5 BHk and 2 BHK.  
  3. The permutation and combination of offerings make it complicated for the marketing team as well as the customers to visualise.
  4. Further, building Physical Demo Apartments for each floor plan turns out to be expensive and time taking and End Customer will still not be able to Physically see all Package Options/Offerings in the same floorplan.
  5. HeartSpace management was thus looking for cutting edge solutions to simplify the whole process.

C. What solutions were provided by AdoptXR Labs?

1. AdoptXR Labs suggested HeartSpace to adopt Virtual Reality Walkthrough services to simply the whole process.

2. AdoptXR Labs collected CAD Floor plan document, finalised requirements, and developed four VR Walkthroughs each for 3 BHK Premium, 3 BHK Executive, 2.5 BHK and 2 BHK for their Assotech Pride, Bhubaneswar project. 

3. Each of the Floor Plan VR Walkthrough contains multiple Tier of Bundled Package offerings each having multiple color options through easy and interactive VR Menus. Thus, end customers are able to freely walkthrough their desired apartments and explore multiple interior options and their variations in real time!

4. With 1:1 Real Life scale, Realistic Graphics for Colors/Material Texture options, End Customers are able to easily visualise their right product fit and finish and able to make meaningful decisions for their dream homes, all within few minutes.

D. What value did AdoptXR Labs bring in for the Client?

1. End Customer Engagements and Conversions increased multiple fold. HeartSpace marketing team found it very easy to invite potential customers for VR Session and engage them with Bundled Package options.

2. A lot of Capital Expenses were potentially saved by the client because they could now show multiple Interior Options with their color/material options, all virtually. VR Walkthrough also gave the client flexibility to showcase Interior options for Floorplans for buildings which have not yet been structurally completed.

3. AdoptXR Labs completed the whole project in 3 Months, which would have taken much more longer if contractors and carpenter vendors were employed to complete all Floorplans physically. This saved a lot of time for the client and they could go to the market much more quickly.

E. What were the technology used for this project?

1. Full fledged Virtual Reality Gaming development have been carreid out using Unreal Engine and interactions were created with C++ Codebase.

2. 3DS Max, Rhino and Blender have been used for 3D Modeling of the software.

3. For hardware, Meta Quest 2/3 over Quest Link in PC VR mode have been used. However there is also the option of providing Standalone Software for Meta Quest 2/3.

F. What was the duration of the Project?

The entire project took 3 Months from requirement gathering to software handover and training. 

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