Adopt XR

We are helping businesses reimagine their reality

Adopt XR is a pioneering deep tech company founded on the fundamental belief that interactive virtual and augmented experiences can truly add value to humans and organizations. We partner with organizations and help them to Adopt Extended Reality applications into their current business processes.

We want to help organizations



Our Mission

We created Adopt XR with a strong conviction that in today’s digital era, the next frontier of productivity lies in transcending the confines of traditional touch screens and keyboards. Our belief is in enabling people to truly immerse themselves with technology, to extend their reality. Our mission is clear: to make this groundbreaking technology as simple, ubiquitous and affordable as possible.

Our Global Leadership

Our Culture

We are engaged in a pioneering spatial technology that requires patience, necessitating both the education of our internal team and our clients.

In the fast-paced world of evolving technology, it’s imperative for our team to be fuelled by an unwavering commitment to ongoing research and development. As a startup, we adopt a lean approach, prioritizing resource efficiency while striving for maximum productivity.

At our core, we are dedicated to creating an environment within our company where individuals not only enjoy their journey but also thrive and leave a lasting mark. Our culture thrives on humility and places a premium on excellence. 

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